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Simpol invites citizens around the world to use their votes in a powerful new way to encourage governments to cooperate to solve global problems - problems like global warming, financial market regulation, environmental destruction, war, and social injustice.

Cooperation among governments is essential because these problems cross national boundaries, and because competition to attract investment and jobs means that any government that moved first would make its economy uncompetitive, leading to inflation, unemployment, or even economic collapse. To solve global problems, governments must act together. If all governments act together, simultaneously, everyone wins. But while they fail to cooperate, it's the markets that continue to run politics - not we, the people.

By supporting Simpol you are driving governments to cooperate. You are telling politicians that you’ll be giving strong voting preference at all future national elections to politicians who have signed the Simpol Pledge to the probable exclusion of those who haven’t.

With many parliamentary seats, and even entire elections, hanging on a relatively low number of votes, even a relatively small block of Simpol supporters can make it in the vital interests of politicians to sign the Pledge – a process leading to the implementation of a range of measures to solve global problems.

This is the simple mechanism Simpol supporters use to advance the cause of global justice. It's the simple mechanism we're using to take politics back. And it works. Thanks to our supporters, these politicians already support the campaign.

So, please act now by signing up as a Simpol Supporter and we’ll inform your parliamentary or congressional representative. That way they’ll know that they need to sign the Pledge if they want the best chance of receiving your vote.

Simpol's approach is peaceful, open, democratic, and it's free. By supporting Simpol, you gain the opportunity to

  • contribute, if you wish, to the formulation of specific policies to solve global problems, and
  • you join with others to use your vote in a new and effective way to drive the politicians of all parties and countries to implement those policies together.

By supporting Simpol, you are joining with others around the world to make us all a part of the global political solution!

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National Simpol campaigns are already running in many countries around the world. To read about Simpol in your language and to get involved in the campaign in your country click here.

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Simpol latest news...

UK MP Jonathan Edwards signs the Pledge

Jonathan Edwards MP

18th Aug: We're delighted to announce that Plaid Cymru MP for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr, Jonathan Edwards, has today signed the Simpol Pledge, bringing the total of UK Simpol-pledged MPs to 30. Edwards signed after Simpol-UK sent him a Petition form submitted by one of his constituents, Simpol-supporter Russell Ferriday.

Canadian Federal Election

Canadian Parliament, Ottawa

50 candidates standing in the Canadian Federal election signed the Simpol Pledge.  See the full list here. Unfortunately none were elected to parliament but our campaign continues! Canadian citizens, please sign the Simpol Petition now and we'll send it to your MP. Often, just one signature can result in an MP signing on to the campaign. So please act now!

Global problems? How you - yes you - can solve them

Simpol in Top 500 NGOs

The International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (Simpol) is one of the Top 500 NGOs in the world according to an annual survey conducted by The Global Journal.

Simpol in a nutshell: The Political Prisoner's Dilemma

TTIP: Why governments want it

NGOs fighting the introduction of TTIP, the Trans-Atlantic Treaty on Trade and Investment, rightly fear that democracy would be compromised by the new rights it would give corporations and investors to sue governments.

Mostly, this is seen as just another 'corporate plot' to gain even more power and control. But as Godelieve Quisthoudt-Rowohl, the European parliament's EPP group shadow rapporteur on recommendations to the European commission on TTIP reveals, it is competitiveness concerns that underlie the push for TTIP. "An EU-US trade deal can make an essential contribution to Europe's future competitiveness," she said. "If we do not put ourselves in a position to develop our own technical standards and product-specific regulations, others will do it for us."

The take-away message for NGOs? Don't stop fighting TTIP. But unless you also support Simpol, anti-democratic trade treaties will only keep on returning.

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